Producing Quality Slewing RINGS / DRIVES

RSLLC recognizes that your operations rely on having the right components in the right place at the right time with the appropriate quality. With that in mind, we only produce quality slewing components that will meet your manufacturing needs.


Our slew rings and drives are trusted by small to mid-sized OEM manufacturers to suit their custom and standard slew ring requirements.


Breakdown services, blanket orders, and stocking programs are provided to assist customers in reducing their working capital and inventory. Our engineers are always ready to examine and advise on your requirements, and all slew rings and drives are backed by technical support. The Gear engineering team is made up of competent workers that provide high-quality designs that satisfy your specifications. To achieve the finest quality goods, the team employs high-grade materials and premium tooling.

Slewing Drives

Our slewing drives are compatible with all brands and come in a variety of styles. All drives are designed to handle your specified radial and axial loads.


Slew drives are available in a number of configurations, including:

• Double Worm Drives
• Hydraulic Motors
• Electric Motors
• Pneumatic Motors
• Encoders
• Brakes
• Enclosed Chassis


A thorough grasp of the kinds, functions, and characteristics of a slew drive is essential for successful applications and peak performance. 

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