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RSLLC has been supplying rotating and slewing solutions for diverse applications, ranging from log loading to robotic welding applications. Backed with more than 16 years of experience, we are your solution for the timely delivery of excellent products. From our regular truck crane rings and drives to specialized applications needing a comprehensive technical study of your needs, we have you covered.


We provide comprehensive design support to ensure you have all you need to meet your production requirements. If you’re interested, please fill out our custom form with your loading and space requirements to give our engineers the opportunity to produce a design and loading parameters for your evaluation and approval.


All our products, including slewing bearings, gears, and other manufactured components, are  in accordance with industry standards and backed by industry professionals.

What We Offer

At RSLLC, we have a team of engineers available who can provide solutions for any slewing ring application. The cost of production and design is maintained low without sacrificing product quality. 

Allow us to work with you to provide the finest available solutions for your application. You may also obtain personalized plans for slewing bearing orders with inventory and with just-in-time delivery. Let us help you manage your inventory so you receive your products on time and get solutions that meet your industry’s specific needs.

Slewing Bearing

If you’re looking for a trusted supplier of slewing rings, gears, and drives, email us today.

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Are you looking for a slewing ring supplier that can provide you with personalized designs and a quick turnaround? Our team of highly-experienced engineers will handle that for you. Contact us for more information.